Doelger refers to the Irish crew as “terrific” to work with, and says “70 per cent of the people on the crew are local this season. I think Belfast really wanted us here, they did everything they could to make us feel welcome. In a lot of places where you film people are a little bit jaded, they’re not particularly welcoming, and you get a sense that they’re in it just for the money.

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I suggest starting brunch the civilized way, with a Mimosa, though some folks prefer the Bellini (peach nectar and champagne). The menu offers such delicacies as Lobster Benedict, crepes, and other luscious fare, but the pi de r is the Irish Breakfast. I know, I know, this is a Continental/French kind of place, but Caf 1912 does Irish right, with eggs, sausage and bacon, garlic potatoes, sliced Roma tomatoes, and brown sugar baked beans piled high on a crockery plate.

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replica oakleys Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog OutFirst things first: Let’s get one thing straight about the Charles Oakley incident that was merely the latest chapter in the New York Knicks saga to unfold this week: James Dolan does deserve a stern talking to these days.Maybe not in this fashion, of course, with the burly and brash Knicks legend allegedly berating the team’s owner throughout much of Wednesday night’s game at Madison Square Garden against the Los Angles Clippers before being arrested (to be fair, Oakley told The New York Daily News that he ). But if ever there werea time for someone to hurl some truth Dolan’s way, to perhaps point out that there has never been more dysfunction between a star player (Carmelo Anthony) and a team executive (Phil Jackson) who cost this much ($184 million combined), it’s now.Talk about impeccably timed symbolism.Failure of any kind is almost always a shared effort, and so it is here as well.MORE ON OAKLEY:Knicks announce Charles Oakley arrested after altercation at MSGOnly the basketball gods truly know how much of this falls at Dolan’s feet, but he was the one who renewed hope less than three years ago by signing Jackson to that five year, $60 million contract that so many saw as a sea change for the flailing franchise. And now, with Jackson clearly unhinged in his aggressive approach, Dolan needs to step in and somehow calm these waters again.Jackson has been the instigator of late, publicly ridiculing Anthony at every turn in an apparent attempt to shame him into dropping the no trade clause on his contract and thereby allow the (latest) rebuild to commence before the Feb replica oakleys.

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