But ultimately I like The London Plane. Only maybe once a month. And maybe only on, say, a Wednesday, and a sunny one at that. This latest flap is not the first time the Duggars have run afoul of gay rights advocates. Last month, they were widely ridiculed and criticized for posting a picture of themselves kissing on Facebook with the message:”God designed marriage to be a loving, dynamic relationship between a husband and wife for a lifetime.” They proceeded to urge other “happily married couples” to post their own smooch pictures on their page. When gay couples started to participate they reportedly saw their photosrapidly deleted..

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I joined Sheffield’s History Department in September 2010. In Aztec history in 2004. Having been a temporary lecturer and then Fellow in Cambridge, I spent three years at the University of Leicester as a Lecturer in Early Modern History. The matches also bring a major economic boost to the capital, generating over 30 million for the local economy. That will increase as many more are hosted here and it remains our ultimate ambition for there to be a UK based NFL franchise. Deloitte estimates that a London NFL team, playing all eight of its regular season home games here, would generate a direct economic impact of over 100 million a year..

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